Monday, April 07, 2014

Though the bloom of youth may die.

Though the bloom of youth may die.

Cast not away the love between,
Something lurks perhaps unseen,
Once the power of passions keen,
Have left the body, by a dream.

Somewhere life has flown away,
Where we had slumbered on our way,
Teased and gifted, we the fey and gay,
Yet flowers wilt un-watered, bare they lay.

Rumours running 'neath this land,
Where love our master took our hand,
Explosive needs, lost hold, uncanned,
Where we made love upon the sand.

Bonded by a true desire to fall,
Where love responded towards that call,
Immersed in flows of song, one for all,
Our lithe young flesh, bounced lovers ball.

Running wild, untamed and free,
This girl cannot, another way be,
Yet years move swiftly again we see,
Some loss of memory and our vitality.

Bounding like a crestfallen stag,
The potential wanes and lustre's lag,
Less movement blows our lovers flag,
But we've still more toys within our bag.

Though time has taken youth it seems,
We come to live with what it means,
And yet we love to live in dreams,
Where we'd be climbing on the beams.

Arrive the evening so still we lie,
And here my promise I'll sanctify,
Though the bloom of youth may die,
You're still the twinkle in my eye.........