Monday, April 07, 2014

Raven's Scar.

     Raven's Scar.

The hullabaloo of time,
frosted by winds combined,
held the devil of sublime,
where my own tongue
was tested by rhyme.

Calling from afar the age,
wanted only a rightful gage,
to know the ways of he
a lowly peaceful sage,
nothing greater of less rage.

Winds come blowing sole-fully,
unto all, especially he,
whom wanted nothing selfishly
except to stare across the sea,
above the placid scar,
sat fondly he and she...

Power of the sun in sky,
to build the love and quantify,
what he beheld of hazel eye,
where she became his jewel
that never ever more
could die.

Holding love within this heart,
Raven's craw, his nerves did start,
balanced on the ridge in part,
blown the cobwebs far apart,
when tears ran off his
face for art.

Deafened as he fell below,
old the fate he'd never know,
duty to life the debt he'd owe,
rewards of evil deeds that sow,
golden rays became of he,
where an angel's wings
broke the afterglow...