Saturday, April 12, 2014

Educating Peaceful.

Educating Peaceful.

To take a simple man,
and give him knowledge,
this is a fine thing to do.
Yet to share that learning
experience with friendship and love,
could make his education more true.

Knowledge by it's own possession,
is not the font of light,
nor understanding will it create.
Then collectively debating our theory
is a sure fired way to allow,
a platform where he could relate.

Wisdom therefore is not knowledge,
nor does it stand alone
from the process of learning stuff.
Wisdom is application of knowledge,
sometimes those lessons are easy,
and sometimes those lessons are tough.

Our cooperation in learning together,
has made scholarship delightful,
and something to be highly adored.
Better to learn from expressions
of joint life understanding as one,
than sitting in class being bored.

Diversity of viewpoints abound,
where weekly pedagogy sessions can
focus his attentions upon the choices.
And using a sociological imagination
to sift through all the detritus,
he's edified by so many rich voices.

Being a teacher or being a student,
both have the power to learn
from the other in cooperative union.
Wiser is he, that understands this:
we learn through our mistakes
it's OK, 'cos we are positively human....

Social Science Imagination Course.