Sunday, June 11, 2017

Could the eyes deceive me?

Could the eyes deceive me?

Soul hole, the windows
To see and believe,
Yet why do I feel,
They only mean to deceive?

Inside is the light,
Passion and desire alive,
Craving to get out of here,
But could love survive?

Mentally the eyes tell,
Something being true, real,
I only wish you’d be,
Perfectly rational, the real deal.

Glances of the kind,
Suggestions towards spending time,
Filling my empty longing,
Pretty, delicious, heart of mine.

Have you called before,
Did you twinkle my way,
Had it been deliberate,
The way your blue eyes play?

Rare and enticing beauty,
I have felt desire climb,
Could you flutter, tempt me,
Just one more precious time?