Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dropping Like Flies

              Dropping like Flies.

who would see
the way life fails us? 
time lost, space left
as everything eventually dies.
cold the slumber,
felt a final fear of loss.
the way to move forward
gone in a blinking
of the proverbial eye,
so real the falling,
we all eventually die,
my oh my,
the longest pursuance
of the original lie, why
oh why?

troubles left
to the fray of life,
where no-one escapes
the strife of the knife,
the falling epoch of time,
no longer yours,
no longer mine.
called to angels,
my friends, the believers,
a force of knowing
the hope still glowing,
to find rest in peace,
a day they gave in
a last gasp of release,
cancer the reaper, please
accept my goodbye!