Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the Face of Hypocrisy

In the Face of Hypocrisy

See we, hear they
Not such as a saint.
None stand for real justice,
As in the beds of luxury they lie.
Aiming their rhetoric,
Above the understanding of men
Too simple to realise the deception.

Know we, feel them,
Taking spoils and riches,
Abandoning courtesies and kindness,
Full only of insidious attentiveness.
Fooling many still
This elite brigade march boldly on
Caring not, whom they tread upon.

Mistake them, mistrust them,
But they have the power.
Taking bribes and incentives home,
Rewards for catastrophic failure.
Are we not concerned
For the future of our children
When we allow this to carry on?

Disobey them, counteract them,
Be not sold into playing their game.
Nor imposed upon by their direction,
Unless it really serves you well.
I am assured
This betrayal of values they live by,
Will send them on the road to hell!