Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Trouble with Capitalism

The Trouble with Capitalism.

Creativity for no reward,
Profit not the mercy to live,
Who is holding the strings
When the margin calls you,
Not the power to be yourself?
Hazard warnings over amber,
Called to fill the coffers still,
Be without a care for power,
Chosen the act above the kill.
Find some peace in being kind,
Not love for reaping bonus,
Take only what you have need,
And nothing for the greed.

Promotion of self above united,
Threads that leave an icy chill,
Crawling deep beneath the spirit,
Of sharing wealth between us all.
Rising prices cause more confusion,
As to how we’re going to get by,
I have seen the devils henchmen,
Pushing boundaries of how we buy.
Build not storehouses for a profit,
Towers of gold and ivory fall,
The giant beast is building pressure,
That kills the heart within desire.
Forward thinking is not your advantage,
If it stops, the Love Peace prism,
Be not fooled to give allegiance,
For the inhumanity breathed by capitalism…!