Thursday, August 28, 2014

It promises to be worth it!

It promises to be worth it!

Unknown the road to you and I
Some sentiment of obscurity,
Is how the ether tempted me,
And yet your passion does ratify.

The clever trickery of early light,
A pressure to hold on,
Feel how we belong,
To the desire of what feels right.

Cloaked behind a veil of love,
We dance the fragrant air,
As if we live without a care,
Drawn to all hope from up above.

Shinning for a keen sense of joy,
The light inside will shine,
Just to know you are mine,
You my girl, and I, a happy boy.

Power flows in these golden bands,
Some tension held again,
I try to leave, yet remain
Forever lost to touch your hands.

Crisp the attitude comes holding you,
Descended to a taste,
Of what we alone can waste,
On feelings shared in love so true.

Come my lover take me down tonight,
The bed of flowers
Shall charge your powers,
Some devilment that I can never fight.

 'M' x