Friday, March 07, 2014

And then....

    And then....

smooth, fluttering,
tense, kindness in eyes
a hotness coming back,
the silent wind will crack!

swan lake,
not so fake, or tired
alone in the moment
where light became supreme.

sculpted by desire,
higher to a passion
of loving the demure,
death could be my cure.

serene, the dream
a scent of fragrant hair,
flowing everywhere, my mind
begotten what I'll find.

something clean, lines
rhymes and dancing smiles,
taught to one who
cared for your heart.

scandal or surprise
longing in my eyes,
clamped between your thighs,
breathless as thundered skies.

spirit to be daring,
where our love comes caring
and laying close beside
where togetherness shall abide.

Sun had come, shining,
the essence love refining
wondrousness here defining
and then,
and then I saw you smiling...!