Monday, March 17, 2014

Cloudier day.

Cloudier day.

Ashen, cold,
the fearful sky.
Once warmer a sunset,
before I die.

Stolen glance,
the greyness came,
chance to live again,
drive me insane.

Foiled, dampness,
will cleanse elsewhere,
laying beneath my dream,
coveted, her air.

Fiercely torrid
passion cannot die,
when I glanced thunder,
my little eye.

Rolling torrents
fill heavens eye.
The clouds so evil,
shall now testify.

Bold, brassy
she draws near,
when raindrops begin falling,
fighting a tear.

Gunmetal grey,
plummeting in dread.
The eyes haunting look,
what I've read.

Stained, sullied
a fossil's desire,
beauty born on clouds,
taken me higher.

Unfaithful, loyal
heaven and hell,
clouds taking over, because
of her smell.

Polite, bad-mannered
release coming slowly,
heaven's please give me,
something so holy.

Taken, mistaken
will of desire,
below clouds of darkness,
insipid the fire.

Wanting, craving
monster or master,
will being this helpless
lead to disaster?

Time, space
beating with thunder,
decisions of virtue, what
I now wonder.

Breaking, shaking
day now arrives,
accepting my fate, is
what now survives.

Heat, testing
truth of desire,
taking the plunge, is
walking on fire.

To-ing, fro-ing
heart bringing love,
downpour of sadness comes,
from up above.

Older, younger,
days to remember,
clouds came and went,
deep darkness December.

Unknown, unheard
trinity brings light,
lying 'neath the silver,
naked to sight.

Petals, peal,
coursing in veins,
blessed by how awesome,
the power remains.

Slick, soft,
pouring out dampness,
bathed in pale glow,
feeling of success.

Evil, smiling,
watching me suffer,
testing metal, if I
still love her.

Hope, rising,
coated 'neath thunder,
days of endless betrothing,
seeing my wonder.

Storm, passing,
greyness shall pass,
life now rejoices, I'm
watching her ass....

Beauty, wonder,
now being restored,
storm clouds are passing, when
love is adored...!