Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ship of Greedy Fools.

     Ship of Greedy Fools.

Would the glass expose somehow,
The flaws that greediness allow.
The world where our pioneers died,
To fill the pockets of those who lied.

Standing tall upon this skyline,
Shame of corporate greed a fitting byline.
But sponsored once on preservation,
Of educating the poorest of our nation.

Those men and women in northern mills,
Climbed to fight the oppression, over hills.
To save the spirit of true endeavour,
And feed themselves so they'd be clever-er...

Such sacrifice should not now be ignored,
By this ship of greedy fools and her board.
The pioneers legacy was of co-operation,
A most effective way to build this nation.

Through struggles of workers taking action,
A movement was being formed for satisfaction.
To build friendships, equality and solidarity,
Where the weak and poor could hold a parity.

And on they pushed to find a home,
One where their dreams stood not alone.
And for this effort of sweat and tears,
We've built on these, two hundred years.

But what has become of truth and sharing,
Are the ethics followed, and are we caring?
How can it be seen in transparency,
When you covet profits and deal in secrecy?

It's clear that rescue is what you need,
A return to ethics, and a flight from greed.
Be wise in council and take a stand,
Like those pioneers, please lend a hand...

In recognition of the aims and objectives, values and principles of the founders of co-operative society, 
“The Rochdale Pioneers.”

Today's Co-operative Group.