Saturday, May 10, 2014



Past the point of no return,
some wilder gift I've to learn,
held me for a night in bed,
the craziest dreams are in my head.

Worn out excuses never save me,
thundered tarmac scorched twice daily,
come asunder in the act of driving,
kept me awestruck whilst I'm thriving.

Glad am I to be a soldier,
licked by velvet tongues that scold ya',
blow the secret of my yearnings,
sweat and heat and skin that's burning.

Goddess is undone by my hand,
fallen to her knees she cannot stand,
now I'm last cos she came first,
I'm driven mad and fit to burst.

Pink glows golden in this place,
a smile that broadens on her face,
love has been a loyal friend,
my will is strong yet rules shall bend.

Over more than once more grinding,
driven past the curves in heaven finding,
celebrate our readiness to conquer,
just imagine how I'd …... want her...!

Fields of Athenry's greatest summer,
are nothing compared, to this stunner,
I'm lost for breath to call her name,
and see that she might feel the same.

Longing to be made a winner,
I've played the saint, she played the sinner,
as we moved no heat shall pass,
the kiss I give shall glance her …..